Learning and Working at my Best

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Many years ago, I had a fantastically colorful dream. In this dream I had a space of my own that was both a bedroom and a library. Bookshelves stretched into every corner and nook of the room. The room contained all kinds of reading spaces and was rich both in its feeling of safety and its practical conveniences, such as microwave, refrigerator, and bed. The colors of the book bindings  matched even more spectacularly the quilts my Mom had made and all the colorful decorations in the room. I could have stayed in that room reading for days or weeks – without an unmet need – or so the dream went. Then….

In 2011, at my second Amplify Your Effectiveness (AYE) Conference, my Korean agilist friend, June Kim, introduced me to Clean Language coaching. Clean Language questions allow one to develop a vision or solve a problem very quickly using metaphors.  I allowed June to try a few clean questions on me, and within 5 minutes, in answer to one of his questions, I had a building with a grand library that had cropped up in my path of learning. This reminded me of that ancient dream, long tucked away as a mere hope. Since my kids were now more grown, and I had time, I began constructing my library and started reading more.

Over time, the books provided me intellectual and motivational fuel for my journey as an agile coach.  The conferences and retreats allowed me to make connections to new ideas and new people.  This really represents me both learning and working at my best.

My new career journey as an agile coach started with a dream, AYE, June’s interview and many amazing books in 2012. The  colorful reading den image is a reminder that when I get off course, I can always come back to this cycle.   This way, I can go out and reach  people with my heart and listening, my models and skills again and again, without tiring.
What do you do, as a coach, to be at your very best for your next gig or goal?

I’ve compiled a list of a few of the  books that have MOST influenced me as it relates to coaching and consulting.

The overarching questions these books addressed are:
how does listening affect some one else’s ability to think?
how does coaching and curiosity contribute to one’s ability to learn, change, experiment ?
how is it that making direct and congruent contact with one another is the key to successful teams, organizations, and products ?
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6 Comments on “Learning and Working at my Best”

  1. olaflewitz Says:

    Thank you for sharing your dream.
    Love your choice of books:-)


  2. […] For an even broader context, @AndreaChiou recently did a great post about Book Dreams […]


  3. changearc Says:

    I have to read Rosenberg next – finally in the right “space” for it. As the only book on that list I’ve read is The Fifth Discipline, looks like a great set of markers for a journey 🙂


  4. I felt refueled reading your post! For me, it is about carving out time for mindfulness practice, fitness, and yoga. I need time to learn and create, the latter more of a spark than a refuel.
    I have developed some “coaching gathas” for myself before I engage with a client which helps me center and act more skillfully.


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