Gratitude for All the Support

Today I started my first email campaign to continue growing the community that is my audience for Clean and Agile work in the US. If you would like to sign up, hop on over to my Clean Agile Coaching website and click on the Register button!

I want to express my gratitude to the many people who have supported me in growing my network of connections.  Sometimes my work is as simple as returning the kindness with a simple thank you!

Thank you Mike!
Mike Burrows of invited me to contribute facilitation suggestions for his clean language inspired 15-minute FOTO exercise, documented on his website and in his recently published book, Agendashift. Mike’s attention to non-directive, collaborative, conversation-based continuous improvement from strategy to tactical action is heavily Clean Language inspired. His Agendashift transformation facilitation tools are a true antidote to forced top down agile transformations that don’t work! And his online Slack group is one of the best!

Thank you Daniel!
Daniel Mezick of invited me to present Clean for Teams in a webinar for his followers. It helped me reach agile coaches while getting me comfortable with delivering online workshops.  Daniel, who wrote the preface to Mike’s book, created another extremely compatible approach called Open Space Agility. Based on invitation, open space, and time-bound experiments using the energy of the willing, organizations should consider that approach for transformation initiation or for correcting a transformation gone wrong.

Thank you Joe!
Jochen Krebs, Scrum Trainer and leader of the community recorded a podcast interview with me on Clean Language and then invited me to New York for an evening workshop at Agile NYC. This in turn is leading to the AgileNYC conference keynote by Caitlin Walker and a few workshop opportunities to help NYC become a hub for clean-inspired agility.

Thank you Ben!
Ben Linders, a keen agilist who specializes in Retrospectives, interviewed me for regarding Clean Language and Coaching with Curiosity, which led to many people signing up for my email newsletter.

Thank you Richard!
Richard Kasperowski  helped advertise the first Clean for Teams training in Boston to the Agile community this past April. Richard promotes the Core Protocols, another model for interpersonal team communication that I support whole-heartedly, and which pairs nicely with Clean Language and Clean for Teams.

Thank you Simon Coles!
Simon Coles who has the first ever tech company fully running on Clean Language inquiry, from hiring to sales and everything in between gives me regular advice and guidance.

Thank you Caitlin!
And lastly, but definitely not least: Caitlin Walker of without whose incredible authenticity, skill, training and devotion to bringing clean to organizations and groups has led me to where I am in my life mission. In 2018 alone, she has planned 4 separate trips to the US to help me promote her incredible Clean for Teams facilitation tools, largely to folks in the Agile community.

There are many other individuals in the Clean and Agile communities who have done their part. I need all of you and please stay with me on this journey, as I have not yet ‘arrived’!

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