Clean Language Books and Resources

If you are new to Clean, start with any of the 5 asterisk items.

If you want to jump into Systemic Modeling, go to the 3rd section below.

Clean Language On-Line Resources

*Training Attention Youtube channel (free) – Caitlin Walker’s online short videos that are excellent for introductory level learning about how Clean Language can be used (how she has used it) in business and various other settings. An inspiring introduction to why you may want to delve deeper, particularly if you are a facilitator or coach in business. Also see the section on Systemic Modeling below for more information on these topics.

*Learn Clean Language Online (free) – Judy Rees’ online training videos that are excellent for introductory level learning. This is the most active community.

The Clean Collection – a vast online repository of research, guidance and articles on Clean Language collected and curated over the past few decades.

The Clean Language Open Community facebook page. Here you will meet the people around the world who post interesting links, events and carry on discussions about Clean Language, metaphors, and their application in various domains.

The Clean Learning company – a Clean Language training company based in England, run by Marian Way and Caitlin Walker – which delivers Symbollic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, and Clean Space Trainings.

Training Attention – a website for Systemic Modeling related resources (Caitlin Walker)

Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling Books

These books are all foundational to learning the origins, impacts, and ways to use the Clean Language questions for change work.

Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modeling – – Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Clean Approaches for Coaches: How to Create the Conditions for Change Using Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling -Marian Way

*Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds – Judy Rees

Trust Me, I’m the Patient, Clean Language, Metaphor, and the New Psychology of Change – Philip Harland

How the Brain Feels, Working with Emotion and Cognition – Philip Harland

The Five Minute Coach, Improve Performance rapidly – Lynne Cooper and Mariette Coastline – Great for application in a business setting.

Mining your Client’s Metaphors – A How-To Workbook on Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling – Gina Campbell  There are two similar workbooks in the same series.

Who is using Clean Language anyway? – a Leanpub ebook by yours truly (Andrea Chiou) and Sharon Small, a small compendium of interviews of Clean Language practitioners from around the world. Resources lists and many other websites and training companies listed in the appendix.

Systemic Modeling  

*Caitlin Walker’s TedX  – she explains how she got involved with Clean Language (free)

*Open University – 6 professionally made videos on use of metaphor/clean in groups and IT shops (free on Youtube, you can google it)

From Contempt to Curiosity, Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate using Clean Language and Systemic Modeling.  The audio version of this book is here.

Recordings of Caitlin Walker’s radio and podcast interviews, compiled into one place on another of my websites, Clean Agile Coaching.

DVD and Workbook Set – the third item down in this small collection is a marvelous set that goes along with Caitlin’s new book.  I also am very much enjoying her 16 page Systemic Modeling – reference manual from this same link.

Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge Book

Clean Space is yet another powerful application of some of the principles of Clean pioneered by David Grove, extending it by making use of spatial relationships. It is absolutely fascinating!!! Recommend reading this after at least one foundational Clean Language book for maximum benefit, especially if you are ‘wowed’ by the power of Clean in general. The Power of Six: A Six Part Guide to Self Knowledge – Philip Harland

A shorter summary can be found here


The Clean Metaphor Cards and the  Clean Change card  deck can be purchased at the Clean Change website.
A different set of Clean Questions and Systemic Modeling cards can now be bought here and here, respectively at the Clean Learning web site.

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