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CleanForTeams training

Marian Way (left of flipchart) Caitlin Walker (right of flipchart)

Before reading the rest of this post about an offer for training, I highly recommend that you listen to this fantastic radio interview about Clean Language. There are so many examples here about how Clean Language is applied in business settings – I imagine you’ll better know why you might want to sign up for Clean Language training after listening to it.

Clean Language for Teams training is going to be offered April 1st and 2nd 2015 in the Pearl district of Portland (close to downtown). The training will be provided by the outstanding Marian Way from the U.K.  If you are in the US, here is your chance to get in person training from a pro. Let’s make Clean Language and Systemic Modelling be a well known toolset for communication in the agile community – starting now!  Clean for Teams will help agile teams adopt a learning, inquisitive mindset quite easily – something that is often missing when processes are adopted without some deep group reflection and group norms. Its not the only way, but its a great way – to instill a great culture. 

The two day course is an outstanding value. For a low price of $550 dollars – anyone who works collaboratively with others can get first hand experience in the proven tools of clean communication.  The word ‘experience’ is the critical one.  This course is not a theoretical powerpoint driven course – instead you will be introduced to the techniques, one by one, and right away be asked to practice them live, with the other group members. 

If you’ve been reading my blog or seen my slide decks on Slide share, you may be interested in Clean already, but not sure where to begin. You may not have had time to read books about Clean Language, but perhaps your interest is piqued enough that you might want to attend an in person workshop.

If you go, you’ll cover all the basic techniques like: Clean Questions, Developmental Tasks, Drama Triangle, Triune Brain, Metaphors for Learning at Your Best, Time Management and Decision Making, Pattern Spotting, among others. Put together, these techniques are incredibly powerful in groups for getting people to pay exquisite attention to each other and create self-supporting systems of learning and inquiry.  Your team members will have another tool to use to diffuse conflict, celebrate different opinions, develop each other’s thinking BEFORE piling on their own opinions.  New self and group awareness will develop as a result.  Essentially this course will give you a way of thinking about communication – and honoring each individual –  that is vastly different from what you or your organization may be used to.   

I highly recommend this course to all my agile colleagues (coaches, developers, analysts, testers, designers – UX folks, managers) in the Portland area (and of course to anyone who would be ok to travel there).  Get started with Clean Language in two days!  If you have a team in need of a better collaboration tools, better listening, more mutual respect, bring the whole team! 

There is also an option for an additional 3 days training after a one day break.  You can access the details for that here.  The second section will be geared towards helping those who are interested to become proficient at facilitating others in learning and using these techniques.   That is, these techniques are best used when your whole team knows them, not just you. So learning how to teach/facilitate others learning them is the next step. 

A similar Clean Language for Teams training will be held by Caitlin Walker in Asheville, N.C. in late April. The price for this two day experiential introduction is also $550 for this one if you book by February 15th.  It goes up to $650 thereafter.  

If you would like to know more, feel feel ask questions in the comments section.  I can help put you in touch with the organizers as well, if you have special needs or questions.

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